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December 9 2011 6 09 /12 /December /2011 13:26

6254962350_7c238feb22.jpgHaving an iPhone at your disposal is simply cool. You stand out in the crowd and people notice you.  When you pull out a mobile phone that has a similar design to the iPhone, the first question you are asked is, "Is that an iPhone? Or someone asked, " iPhone, huh?" The popularity of this mobile is enormous, and this is what gives you the assurance that the iPhone 4S is a great choice as a Christmas gift.

Wrapping up our review of the iPhone 4S from the 3rd of December, let us look at  some more of the features that it has too offer. 


Safari is a unique browser.  If you want:

  • To read your articles in Safari, you can without any advertisement interfering with what you read.
  • The dual-core A5 chip has quickened the processing time in the browser.
  • You are able to navigate in the web much better with your finger as the pointing device.
  • Bookmarks land in the iCloud
  • You may tweet from twitter, right from Safari, no need to open up your Twitter application.


Are you always fretting about forgetting something important, like a birthday or an important appointment?  Well, the iPhone 4S offers you the  "Reminders" app, and  your to do list right on your mobile.  It can remind you about everything and your days of forgetfulness are forgotten.  And don't worry about syncing, because with the iCloud your reminders go to the cloud and sync themselves with the rest of your devices. Reminders is a great app. It can sync with iCal and Microsoft Outlook, therefore you can relax and let the Reminders app keep you in touch with what you have to do.

6340615994_f595a3542a.jpgThe Video

Watch your videos on the iPhone 4S or record  your favorite scenes while you are on vacation. This would be a pleasant surprise  for some of your close family members and especially when you send it through iMessage or post it on facebook. 

6243124612_e5ed0cd631.jpgThe Camera

There is an 8-megapixel camera on the iPhone 4S that gives you sharpness and excellent contrast in your pictures and the flash goes off automatically when needed.


Finally, the games app built into the iPhone 4S is a tool that you want to have, when you have dead time on your hands between meetings or just want to sit at home and relax.  The iPhone 4S game center has leaderboards, and once you have signed up you may invite friends or meet new friends.

6253642124_8b21805be4.jpgSo, if you want to surprise someone with a really neat gift under the Christmas Tree, buy the iPhone 4S. It is the best kid on the block.

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Published by Pat Garcia - in Mobile Phones
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