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January 24 2012 3 24 /01 /January /2012 22:35

5824425017_d208621488.jpgDoes your face seem rough, worn and battered by nature's elements?  Does your skin appear dry and cracking, as if it were about to tear open? If so, it is time to start taking care of the largest organ that you have on your body, your skin.    

Skin care is one of those things that most of us take for granted.  We get up in the morning, take a shower or tub bath, wash our face and brush our teeth without considering how important it is to have healthy skin. Sure, the majority of our skin is covered when we leave our homes, but what about the exposure of our faces, our hands or our legs.  Faced with bacteria, chemical pollution and violet sun rays, that are in our atmosphere, these parts of our body  are unprotected, and this is usually something that we do not think about.

5397064790_f495a8751c.jpgFacial Care

In winter, your face comes in contact with everyone's cold, flu, or pneumonia.  How many times has someone walked near you and sneezed without turning away or covering their nose.  If that has happened that bacteria went right on your hands and your face. You may not have seen the bacteria attack you, but it happened. Therefore, if we want our faces to have a healthy glow, we will have to reconsider how we protect it. 

5396467007_dede22696b.jpgFacial Cleanser

What kind of cleanser do you use for your face? Is it the same deodorant soap that you used to cleanse your body?  Bacteria killing soaps were not designed to clean our faces.  No, we do not have to go out and buy the most expensive soap on the market, but a good moisturizing soap that is gentle on your face and neck does wonders for your skin.  Perhaps you prefer a liquid cleanser. Does it contain alcohol? Alcohol dries out or takes the moisture out of your skin.  So please, take the time to go to your local drug or department store and speak with the salespeople in the cosmetic section about the appropriate cleanser for your skin type.

6664534811_d996574320.jpgShould you use a moisturizer?

There is nothing more terrifying for your face as to go out and face the harsh elements of nature and not be moisturized.  It does not matter whether it is winter, spring, summer or autumn, your face and neck area need a moisturizer.


6005034941_b5d72ace64.jpgFinally, take the time to give your face a deep cleansing, once a week or twice a month, by applying an intensive facial cleansing mask to remove dead skin cells, fat particles and dirt that have found their hiding place under the skin.  It may take a couple of weeks before you notice the difference,  but once you have established a routine, you will find the image in the mirror that is looking back at you smiling with a healthy glow. 

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Published by Pat Garcia - in Health and Wellbeing
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corporate security management 01/26/2012 01:45

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Pat Garcia 01/26/2012 09:43

I thank you for reading my article.  

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