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December 3 2011 7 03 /12 /December /2011 12:07

6254444567_b94ee93e72.jpgStill looking for that mobile phone that would be the perfect Christmas gift, that would endear your partner to you forever?  If you are, then you should seriously think about investing in the iPhone 4S. Just the mention of the name iPhone will probably bring goose bumps on their arms or caused the hair to rise on  their necklines, because the iPhone 4S is simply something that is very special.

6243553992_0310221a36.jpgWhat Makes The iPhone 4S So Special?

Besides the iPhone being the first innovative mobile phone on the market that captured the hearts of mobile users, the 4S has remarkable new features that are downright enticing, for example, the iMessage. If you are one of those people who have to text here and there many times a day, then you will love this feature and especially, if your colleagues and friends also have an iPhone. You don't have to send out a single message to each individual and limiting your messages to the basics is no longer necessary. In other words, you can spell it out in black and white without cutting corners with the words. But it does not stop there. Your messages show up on your iPad, and your iPod touch also, if you own one. Isn't that a biggie!

4311722442_3e6f62b893.jpgThe hit, however, is Siri. Don't feel like tipping in your message or maybe you are disabled and cannot tip the virtual keyboard, then tell Siri what you want to say and off the message goes.  You have your own Personal Assistant right in your pocket or pocket book.

With iMessage you can also text a group of friends at the same time, send pictures, videos, links, you name it, if it can be transferred with our current technology then iMessage can do it.

6254434469_b88dfaa209.jpgBut that is not the only special plus to the iPhone 4S.  If you want to twitter, then make it easy for yourself and tweet directly out of Safari or maybe you want to set your iPhone set up so that you can see the  emails, or text messages  or events as alerts on your iPhone.  That is possible with the iPhone 4S. Setting up your notification center, you just pull the card down and those facts will be displayed.

6233448503_fe712fac0f.jpgThere are so many excellent features to the iPhone 4S, that it is not possible to describe them all in one article. But,  let us look at one more aspect of this wonderful mobile phone, the calendar. Your calendar is in the cloud and you can set up as many calendars as you need to keep track of all of your events because the cloud transfers the data to your other calendars, including Microsoft Outlook if you have it installed.

You do not have to worry about synchronizing your calendar.  It is done for you in the cloud. This is absolutely fantastic for  people who are on the go and sometimes forget to sync their calendars to their computer. 

2851662988_03aef163f9.jpgBefore closing out part one of this article, let me speak about the excellent support service for Apple products.  If you are afraid that the technology offered on the iPhone 4S is too complicated for you to understand, have no fear. They have an excellent support system that I consider to be one of the best, if not the best.  I know, because I use their support service and have always received excellent service. 

6254429815_d8f1959cc5.jpgOn Friday, we will examine the rest  of the features that come with the iPhone 4S.  Putting this mobile phone under anyone's Christmas tree will gain you a friend for life.

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