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November 10 2016 5 10 /11 /November /2016 11:29


The people in the United States of America have voted. The President has been chosen. Regardless of what anyone may think or feel, the man chosen has ended the speculation about who will be the next President of the United States. I have been raised to respect the democratic vote as something precious. We The People has an inherent value from its Forefathers that shouts out One Nation Under God.


The dissatisfaction with the present government cannot be overlooked. You cannot forget those who make sure you sit in your ivory tower and then decide political decisions, which go against what they believe and think without ensuring they understand the processes behind your thinking.


America’s greatness comes from the many who are willing to sacrifice their lives,, whether as firemen, soldiers, policemen, policewomen, nurses and doctors, street cleaners, maids, shopkeepers, store clerks, or cooks.  These and many other blue-collar or white-collar workers, whom I have not mentioned, were fed up.  Moreover, let us not forget our veterans in this vast United States, who have experienced abuse at the hands of an administration, which was not aware they were not receiving the care and treatment they needed. Or have we forgotten that?


It is not Wall Street nor the elite universities, nor the pollsters, nor the political family dynasties, nor the dancing Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, or LeBron James or anyone else, which make the United States great. It is those little people who struggle to make ends meet; who cry out in disbelief at the policies that are being passed without any regard to their heritage; who work hard to send their children to half decent schools to get an education. These people went to the polls, saying enough is enough! You sit in your glass towers because we put you there, and now we will bring you down.


The decision has fallen: God Bless the USA!



Shalom aleichem,


VIEWPOINT: A COMMENTARY, November 10, 2016

Pat Garcia

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Published by Pat Garcia - in Viewpoint